Standard Presentation Dashboard Example


The standard presentation dashboard is usually built of off the visualizations from the standard dashboard. This is the standard way, but we can also create all-new visualizations for your presentation. We would work together to figure out the story that you want to tell and then I will create a branded presentation that fits it. We can add filters and interactivity to your presentation so that you can do ad-hoc analysis in your meeting.

We have a graphic designer that can help create the design or we can use an existing design you have. This process is the same as creating a PowerPoint, but this will allow you to interact with the data to increase meeting engagement. Get rid of the stall PowerPoints and wow your audience with an interactive presentation.

  • Replace PowerPoint
  • Interact with your Presentation
  • Answer What if Question on the Fly
  • Improve Meeting Engagement
  • Improve End-User Perception
  • Wow your Audience!
Tyler Lubben, MBA
Get rid of PowerPoint and WOW your audience with an interactive presentation that can answer what if questions on the fly!

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