Survey Analytics With Tableau
Driven by our Tableau Inspired Survey Software’s
Using our innovative Tableau Inspired Online Survey Software and ETL Tool we can create custom interactive survey presentations and dashboards within Tableau quickly!
Core Features

Learn all the benefits that come with visualizing your survey data in Tableau. We use our in-house survey software and our Tableau license to create amazing dashboards and presentations at no extra cost to you. We can turn around some dashboard within a day if needed, learn more below.

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Interactive Tableau Dashboard and Presentation
Get rid of the dull and messy analytics. With Tableau, you will have an interactive and visual piece of art that will blow everything else out the water. Using our Tableau Inspired Survey Software you can also connect your dashboards to the live survey feed so you can analysis your data as it comes in.
Filter and Cross Tabulated Your Data Instantly
Our dashboard will give you the ability to filter and cross-tabulate the data using any question in your survey. No more going back to your Excel file every time someone once to see that data filtered or split differently, now you can do it instantly in your custom Tableau dashboard.
Quick Turn Around Time
We generally can get a standard dashboard completed within a few days and a custom dashboard within a week or two. Save months of time and just let the experts do that work for you!
More Features

We are not done yet! Check out some more cool features and if you haven’t already take a look at our video above.

No Software Purchase Required
You will not have to purchase any software while working with us. We will deliver you a Tableau Reader file which can be downloaded for FREE on Tableau's website.
Company Branded Dashboard
Each dashboard will be branded with your logo and companies color.
Just send us the file and HTML codes, and we will do the rest.
Insane Flexibility
The sky is the limit when it comes to Tableau. We also a Tableau Consulting and Training company called Vizual Intelligence Consulting so we can do pretty much anything you dream of with Tableau. Click the Icon to check out our website
What Our Clients Say
Mario Montag
Founder & CEO

We hired Tyler to help us develop very sophisticated applications and BI solutions in Tableau. Tyler was very professional, worked very well with our high demanding team, and delivered on time and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend Tyler for any Tableau advanced programming and configuration needs. He also did a nice job of understanding our requirement and challenged us to perhaps modify our requirement to better deliver a final product.

Daylene Meuschke
College of the Canyons

Tyler’s in-depth knowledge and skills for building dynamic visualizations has helped our institution expand access to data. Tyler has helped improve visualizations we have started and worked on some very complex ones as well. We have been very impressed with Tyler’s ability to quickly respond and solve some complex calculations needed for some of the visualizations.

Kim Boyd
Athena Research
Market Intelligence Consultant

We hired Tyler to assemble a Tableau presentation because we were understaffed.  Even though they hadn’t worked in our field (market research survey data), they offered up new ways of presenting our data that would make it much easier for us and our clients to use.  By the nature of our work, Tyler had to work through challenges and he approached them with expertise, curiosity and professionalism.  We really appreciate that he had an eye for detail and quality.  The end result is an awesome and dynamic Tableau presentation.  Our expectations have been exceeded!


Interact with the dashboard below to get an idea of how your dashboard will work! Select a new question, use the filters and use the “Split Graph by” to cross-tabulate the data. This is an example of the survey analytics you will get with a standard dashboard; your dashboard will look just like this but with your data, logo, and colors.


Creating survey analytics in Tableau is a pain! It’s a huge learning curve and takes a lot of time. Because of this, I create 2 Tableau Inspired Survey Softwares to help me streamline the process. The main problem is the structure of the survey data; my software standardizes the data, so it works flawlessly with my Tableau dashboards.

Vizual Intelligence ONLINE Survey
I have created a Tableau inspired online survey software that allows us to program your survey using our Tableau inspired features, send it out to your email list or provide you with a link, collect the responses and then connect our Tableau Dashboard to your live data. This is an excellent option if you want to analyze the data as it comes in or if you have a recurring survey.

The data from the survey software goes straight to my AWS database which means I can connect the Tableau dashboard directly to the data. This means I can get the dashboard set up the same day your survey is launched.

Tableau Software has an online product called Tableau Online & Server. These products allow you to view your dashboard online on any computer, tablet or phone. You can do this using the portal or the Tableau App. There is an additional cost to this, but if you wish to purchase it, you can then have a live connection to your survey data and view your Tableau Dashboard online in real time.

Since the data connection is saved data refreshes is as easy as click a button. Even better if you get Tableau Online or Server, we can set up automatic ongoing refreshes.

Vizual Intelligence ETL SOFTWARE
Some of you may already have your survey data or just want to use your favorite survey software if so we have a solution for that also. We have also created a Tableau inspired survey ETL tool. This allows us to import your survey data into our tool and standardize the data the same way our online survey software does. Use our software or send us the data, either way, we can get you up and running fast.

If you have some old data that you would like to analysis, this is the best option for you. You can send me data in multiple formats from multiple software if you like; all data is welcomed. We even have the option to combine your historical data with the data from your ongoing survey if you are using the Vizual Intelligence Survey Software. This now allows you to see how your data is trending.

My survey software is not as robust as the big survey companies; I will admit that. So if your survey is more complex then what my software can handle then you can use your favorite software and then just give me the data after. Either way, the results will be the same.

All of the logic I used when first setting up your data in the software is saved to make data refreshes easy. All I have to do is upload the new survey data into the software and then refresh your Tableau dashboard. It does require some manual work but overall its pretty streamlined.

…We hired Vizual Intelligence to assemble a Tableau presentation because we were understaffed. Even though they hadn’t worked in our field (market research survey data), they offered up new ways of presenting our data that would make it much easier for us and our clients to use. By the nature of our work, Tyler had to work through challenges and he approached them with expertise, curiosity, and professionalism. We really appreciate that he had an eye for detail and quality. The end result is an awesome and dynamic Tableau presentation. Our expectations have been exceeded!

Creativity & Innovation. The two skills that allow me to solve and do anything.
Survey Analytics

Here are some answers to some things you might be curious about. If you have any other questions or want a live demo, please contact me.

I don’t have a standard price because it all depends on what you want. The work required will change depending on what method you use, how many questions you have, how complex your survey is and if you want any custom work done. If you are interested in working together, let’s get on a call so I can provide you with a fixed price for your project.

I am always open to working with new people on new projects or companies. I am an entrepreneur at heart so I would love to hear your ideas. I am currently looking for a few companies to form an alliance partnership with; this will allow you to offer Tableau Survey Analytics as a service and I will do the work behind the scenes. Everything will be branded with your company; I will just do the work and give you the dashboard. If you are interested in any partnership, just reach out.

If I absolutely have to, I can create a standard dashboard on the same day. I usually have other things to do so a few days is average. A custom dashboard could be a few days to a few weeks. A presentation is in the middle, but it requires us to brainstorm which will adjust the timeline depending on our schedules.

The easiest way to get a real-time data connection is to purchase a Tableau Online license. This will users access to a Tableau portal where you can place your dashboards and connect to live data. The price for this fully hosted solution is $42/User/Month billed annually. Here is the website for more pricing info

I do have another company that focuses on Tableau Consulting and Tableau Training. Please visit my website to learn more.

If you go to the Portfolio page on this website, you can see all of my survey analytics pieces, or you can go to demos to see a few live versions. I cant upload most of my survey analytics projects due to confidently but you can visit my Tableau Portfolio using the button below to see all my Tableau work.

Always a good question to ask! I am Tableau Certified and have been running my own Tableau Consulting and Training company since 2015. I work solely with Tableau software, so my days revolve around everything related to Tableau. You can take a look at my testimonials, Linkedin Recommendations and my consulting company using the buttons below.

Any Questions?
Tyler Lubben, MBA

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